Our mission

To improve the quality of life in underserved communities across the globe through access to trusted local news and information.

What we do

The Patch.org Foundation plans to partner with community foundations and other organizations to fund the operation of Patch news and information sites in communities that need them most: inner-city neighborhoods and underserved towns around the world.

What we look for

We will look for communities of 15-100k population that are underserved by media and would benefit by having access to local news and information about government, schools and business. These could be inner-city neighborhoods or distinct towns.

Our guiding principles

  • Patch.org is committed to Freedom of the Press and shedding light on the issues and information most important to community residents, to help them make informed decisions and live better lives.
  • We believe that information strengthens communities.
  • We believe that residents and businesses in communities that we enter must be invested in supporting Patch and the information that it provides for it to be successful, and that our partner organizations must work to gain that support.
  • We are dedicated to returning the profits from Patch.org Foundation sites back into the community.
  • We look for communities that would benefit most from our service: Communities with a demonstrated lack of media coverage and access to information.
  • Patch.org and Patch journalists do not take a political stance on community issues. We do provide a forum for these issues to be explored and debated.


For more information please email foundation@patch.com.