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Valentine's Day 2012—All the Love in The S.C.

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    Pretty Good Advice

    It was June, a time filled with daily events and end-of-school-year activities. My to-do list was particularly long this day. I was scheduled to the limit and there was no turning back....

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    Monster Fighters

    So I’m sitting here this morning, listening to Jon and Ella play. Over and over Ella keeps emphasizing to Jon that the figures they are playing with are “monster fighters – they fight mon...

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    The Beauty and Messages in Music

      When we hear music, it is not a jumble of sounds mashed together but an incredible blending of sounds designed to reach out and touch our souls. Music is a powerful emotional stimu...

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    What Would Daddy Do?

    My earliest memory of my daddy is of him building a playhouse in the back yard. I was busy collecting caterpillars in a red flyer wagon and I still, at age 42, think of my daddy when I sm...

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    Just Like Dad

    Sunday is Father's Day. Do your dad a favor - don't go the tie route. Get him something nifty, like an electric razor or some boxer shorts. You know: show a little creativity in your choi...

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