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We ♥ Volunteers!

Being part of a community also means giving back. That’s why we make it easy for volunteers to connect with local organizations and provide our own support through the Patch Give 5 program.

Give 5

In addition to devoting editorial coverage to local charities as well as an entire channel of Patch to volunteer opportunities, we align our company goals with local charity goals to improve the lives of our customers and their communities. With that in mind, we developed the Give 5 program so that Patch’s daily operation can give back to the communities we serve. Here's how we do it:

Giving 5% of Ads
Patch gives 5% of its advertising space, free of charge, to local charities from the communities Patch serves. Please to see if you qualify.
Giving 5 Days
All Patch employees spend 5 working days each year volunteering in the communities Patch serves.

Volunteer Photos

  • "Touring Docent"- Courtesy Stan Freeny
  • "Desk Docent"- Courtesy Stan Freeny
  • Volunteers shoppers
  • "Macculloch Hall"- Courtesy Stan Freeny
  • 2012 Election Guide